Maps, Geoviz and GIS

Creating dataviz of geographic data (or showing data on a map) is a more involved process than creating charts, and requires specialist GIS software or packages. Typically, geographic dataviz seek to communicate one of five things:

  • Points/Locations on a map: buildings, cities, and countries.
  • Journeys between locations on a map: flight paths, roads, and hurricane tracks.
  • Regions on a map: zipcodes, city borders, and country borders.
  • Topographical properties of Earth: ocean trenches and contour maps of mountains/hills.
  • Meteorological data: this data often requires extremely specialised visualisations.

If you’ve never worked with GIS data before you’re advised to consider contacting an expert as there are complex questions regarding; map projections, coordinate reference systems, base maps and more. This page is designed to provide you with enough information to decide what type of map and data preparation you’ll need to do before talking with an expert.

Types of Geoviz